I design beautiful &
functional digital products.

My name is Mark Bauer and I'm a UI/UX designer currently working for Box in San Francisco CA.

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Box Sync


A service that directly syncs content from a user's desktop or laptop to Box so they can securely access it from the web or any mobile device.

My Role

Although there is a minimal amount of UI in a product like this, the setup and first time experience are crucial. I worked with a team of designers to make sure that these experiences were as seamless as possible and the user's mental model of how this technology actually worked was as clear as possible.

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The Unbound Platform


Unbound Medicine is a Philadelphia based startup with the mission of changing the way healthcare professionals answer clinical questions by architecting medical content and delivering it to mobile devices and the web. In 2010 we started down the long path of redesigning all of our platform's mobile interfaces, that's over 40 applications on 4 different OS's.

My Role

I was faced with the difficult challenge of designing a system that was extensible enough to work for many different types of content and form factors, and the impossible challenge of creating a system that is adherent to OS standards while remaining consistent across all endpoints. In addition to the the UX and IA work, I was responsible for visual design and creating final assets.

Unbound Medline


A tool for medical librarians and researchers that improves the experience of searching the PubMed database. In addition to the traditional functionality that you would expect from a research application: advanced filtering, saving and repeating searches and sharing articles, Unboound Medline has the unique ability to represent article relationships visually with a feature called 'Grapherence'.

My Role

I was the UI lead on the project. I worked on all phases from preliminary wireframes and lo-fi prototypes all the way to the final deliverables.

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